Monday, 5 March 2012

My Messy Brain

What do you write when you don’t know what to say?
And how is it tomorrow when it was only just yesterday.
What do you say when all your words are gone,
And how do you choose when you can’t narrow it down to one?

How do you hold on when you just want to let go
How are you clever when you never really know?
How do you stand when you really need to sit
And how can you understand when you can’t make sense of it?

How do you whisper when you really want to scream,
And how is it dirty when you just got it clean?
Why are you wondering when you shouldn’t actually care
And why are you here when you really should be there?

Why are you playing when you should be at work
Why are you second when you really should be first?
How do you listen when you just want to talk,
Why can’t you run before you learn to walk?

Why are you dreaming when everything is real
And how do you touch when you don’t know what you feel?
Why are you messy when you really should be neat?
Why are you awake when you should be asleep?

Why are there so many answers but nothing to ask?
Can’t you just concentrate on one simple task?
Why are you you, can’t you just be me?
Jeez, why won’t my brain just let me be?

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