Friday, 27 January 2012


I saw my first snowdrop of the year today. I don’t really ‘do’ flowers, but snowdrops are my very favourite flower because they come out of the darkest time of year to give you hope of the spring ahead. Proving that in the coldest of nature’s harsh winters, life and beauty can survive.

Snowdrops don’t flaunt themselves in the summer with garish colours, displaying themselves for all to see. They wait until the last leaf has fallen from the tree and the world looks empty and bare. Then they quietly and serenely push through the hard ground, hidden under hedgerows, delicately pure and white; modestly demonstrating their strength with their persistence in the face of adversity, elegance in the face of decay.

So if like me, you are having a crappy day today, just look for a snowdrop and know that you can flourish in even the darkest of life’s moments. Like a snowdrop, you can be strong, and proudly hold your face up to the winter sun. Because spring is coming and everything is going to be OK.


  1. Silent but strong - I love it. Perhaps you should become a motivational speaker or start writing quotes. x x

  2. Amazing piece of writing. Ur so good at it, keep it up. Don't ever stop, whatever the future holds. I will always support u. x

  3. I miss snowdrops. We don't have them here in Washington State. But I fondly remember going on drives to see them with a dear friend in Basingstoke. Thanks for reminding me of them and the glory they bring to the world.

  4. Thanks Harry and ourstevan. Tacy, ah that's a shame I would miss them too! Thanks for your comments :-)